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I'm an Atlanta expat, writer, and content director. I spent years editing and writing for top lifestyle outlets (, NBC, and Glamour to name a few) and I've appeared on camera as a segment host for CNN, ABC, CBS Better Mornings, TBS, & New York Live.

I have "a thing" for discovering, uncovering, and storytelling -- from the stories of rising star clients to best-loved brands with more great stories to tell.


  • Writing about travel, style food, and culture trends.

  • Producing and directing your brand's social media, digital, and branded content.

  • Producing sponsored content copy that doesn't sound like an ad.

  • Naming your products and products in ways that make people smile.

  • Producing style guides to help steer marketing and creative teams in the right direction.

  • Leading brand-level brainstorms.

  • Helping define your brand "voice" and what to say with it.

  • Scouting products for you to sell, and designers and collaborators for you to partner with.

  • Polishing the look, feel, and words of client-facing creative.


"Tiffany is a dream to work with because she possesses that magical quality of being extremely creative and incredibly organized..all at once. Her writing jumps off the page and makes you smile. She's chock-full of ideas and is always in the know about everything cool. Tiff, are you blushing, yet?"

Kendall Meade, Associate Editorial Director, LOFT/Lou & Grey

Tiffany just "gets it." She's able to translate a brand's vision and values into messaging that is edgy, funny, creative and just plain brilliant. I am constantly amazed at her writing and how she is able to upgrade many aspects of our brand with captivating copy. She's also extremely professional and is a pleasure to work with."

Jennifer Pyne, Digital Marketing Manager, Physique 57

Tiffany handled our specific PR needs at Last Word with agility and extreme competence.  She was—all at once—project manager, creative guide, press liaison, social media consultant, photography coach, and general all-around motivator during our crucial first months. Her creative energy and writing skills are matched with a real talent for organization and problem-solving. Among her greatest strengths, in my opinion, was her ability to listen to what we wanted and tailor her writing and project objectives to that. I really could not recommend her more highly.
Matthew Booth, owner, Last Word Restaurant and Bar